Regatta Recon Performance Sailing Compass

4.6 ( 5846 ratings )
Sport Nawigacja
Desenvolvedor: Regatta Recon, Inc.
9.99 USD

Regatta Recon is a performance sailing tool for the ipad and iphone that offers a tactical sailing compass, integrated head/lift windshift indicator, phrf calculator, heading sensor, and countdown timer. It gets you and your sailboat up the course "in phase," and gets you off to a great start every race of the regatta. It’s designed to help racing sailors take the gun and win more races, more often.

A great alternative to costly standalone compasses like the Tacktick Microcompass, the Raymarine Micronet RaceMaster, and the Velocitek ProStart, Regatta Recon offers all of the same functionality at a fraction of the cost. If you’re looking for a gift for a sailing enthusiast, regatta racer, or boat owner, the Regatta Recon app is just what you’re looking for.

•With the ability to record the elapsed time of up to 6 finishers, PHRF calculations on the way to the dock are a cinch.
•Sports an intuitive interface that’s easier to use than devices costing hundreds of dollars more, right on your phone or tablet.
•Available on all phones and tablets that have an internal compass.
•No mobile connection or outside intervention needed for RegattaRecon to work, so it’s “Class Legal”.
•Mast mounting brackets compatible with any bracket designed for the venerable Tacktick Microcompass, the Raymarine Micronet RaceMaster, and the Velocitek ProStart, can be purchased separately (COMING SOON).

Here’s what people are saying about Regatta Recon:

“Bought this app unsure if it could really deliver on the promise of a TackTick at $15 but I’ve tested it alongside my Garmin and its giving me reliable numbers all over the course. It seems to deliver and as we use it, we are liking it more and more. We ran practice starts and first mark beats all weekend and the app really delivered above our expectations. The life proof case on the iPhone really insures a great set of functionality- course charts, NOAA bouy info and now a great racing app. I highly recommend the app.”